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5 Ways You and Your Kids Can Reconnect in Nature

Thanks to the Discover the Forest campaign launched by the USDA Forest Service for these tips on how to reconnect your kids with nature.

  1. Find a local creek or body of water  let out your fishing line, observe some marine life, or even go for a swim. Water provides a range of activities that will lure your kids away from their electronics and promote activity as a family.
  2. Read about plants native to the region you’re seeing and try to identify 10 different species on your hike. This is an excellent way to engage your kids and foster a family conversation about nature!
  3. Camping: This classic outdoor activity proves to be even more exciting when you leave the tent at home. Treat your family to the stars when nighttime falls!
  4. If your family is less experienced in the outdoors, pack a picnic and just relax in a meadow or field. Sometimes relaxing outside is the best way to unwind together.
  5. For those weekend wilderness warriors, this is a great occasion to learn how to do something new and create shared memories with your kids! Find a guide to teach you how to fly fish, repel or even rock climb.

You can also “like” the “Discover the Forest” Facebook page and follow their campaign spokes-squirrel Cheecker on Twitter, if you haven’t already!

If you are interested in learning about more about how parents and caregivers can discover nature with their children, please visit

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