Family Travel Stories

A life changing adventure for our family

IMG-20120802-00051Friends and family have asked how will life be for our boys while we are traveling. I simply say…enriched. Our two sons cannot imagine at this time in their lives the amazing experiences they will have as well as the wealth of people they will meet and new friendships they will form. There are so many cultures to learn about in the United States as well. Learning from a text-book does not do justice for all that this country has to offer.

This experience will teach our children to value life and all that it has to offer as opposed to the material items we spent over a decade collecting. They will learn the importance of helping others and the feeling you get inside when you have truly made a difference in someone’s life. As parents, we feel very fortunate to be able to offer our kids this opportunity as well as be there to witness it first hand with them. And to be able to answer their questions and offer teachable moments wherever we go.

Many people cannot imagine life outside the four walls of a classroom. Family and friends have expressed their concerns. “How will they make friends?” How will they keep in touch with their friends?” How will they participate in activities and sports on the road?” “How will you offer them stability?”

Instead, think of it this way…“They will meet new friends and keep in touch with old friends through a multitude of ways, including Facebook, Xbox, postcards, letters (yes, people do still communicate this way), email, text, Skype, etc.” “What a fantastic opportunity for them to try new activities and find something they are really passionate about.” Our oldest son wants to play professional baseball. He is interested in connecting with some teams in California and playing all year round if he decides. Nike offers baseball camps across the country. He will be able to connect with talented players and coaches and expand his skills. He is also anxious to visit all the baseball parks in CA and across the U.S. Our youngest son has a passion for gourmet food and loves to cook. There are several cooking schools across the country that cater to children.

In regards to the question about stability… I read a great article entitled Stability Comes From Staying in One Place (And Other Ridiculous Myths), which suggests that…

Change is the only constant, and teaching your children (and yourself) to learn to effectively cope with and adapt to change, is probably one of the most responsible, stable things you can do.

The article goes on to say that stability has nothing to do with location. Stability is a mental state. Want a stable family? Then become a stable parent. I FtF-Cropped1completely agree! I won’t rehash the article, the author does a great job of proving her point. I encourage you to read it if you are not convinced.

We are not the first parents to decide to take their family on a life changing adventure. We are connected with Fulltime Families on Facebook and are an annual member. We are connected with 2,300+ members who are already living the life or want to.

So onward we go…….


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