Family Travel Stories

A new life on the road has started

We became a full-time traveling family on June 25, 2014. A date I will remember fondly.saying-goodbye

It was a hectic day, scrambling around our 1,800 sq. ft. home packing up the last few boxes to put into storage, purging items we no longer needed and storing them for summer yard sales, shoving food from two refrigerators into a camper unit half the size of the one in our kitchen and taking the rest of our worldly belongings and finding places to store them in our new home that is now just over 500 sq. ft.

We pulleour-new-homed into Mi-Te-Jo Campground in Milton Mills, NH in the pouring rain. The cats were yeowing in their carriers and the dog just wanted to get out of the truck and go for a walk. The kids ran for my parent’s camper since they had been there for the week and were already set-up. I helped Ray get our camper set-up. This has now become a relatively smooth process for us since we have been camping via travel trailer and 5th wheel for several years.

Our journey has now started. I know it will be filled with obstacles to overcome, new experiences, amazing places to see and interesting people to meet. We are ready.


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