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Children’s Art Expert Offers Pumpkin Decorating and Drawing Ideas That Kids Will Love

decorated pumpkinIf spending hours scooping out seeds and stringy pumpkin isn’t on your list of fun things to do this Halloween, decorating a pumpkin without carving is a fun option.  Forget the knives and break out the permanent markers along with some other household craft items to decorate your pumpkins.

“Decorating pumpkins without carving is a great alternative for younger children who can’t use carving utensils,” says Ms. Shell Herman, president of KidzArt, an international children’s art education franchise.  “Without carving, your child’s decorated pumpkin will last a lot longer and it can be displayed in your home throughout the fall season.”

Herman offers some clever pumpkin art projects that will excite the kids, minus a big mess:

  1. Stenciled Pumpkin Designs – Go online and peruse the hundreds of pumpkin template designs available.  But instead of carving, kids can use a stencil to trace a pattern on the pumpkin.  Use colored permanent markers (Sharpies® work well) to color, draw patterns, etc. 
  2. Glitter Pumpkins – For kids who love shimmer and sparkle, cover your gourds and pumpkins with a coating of glitter.  Using craft glue that dries clear, “paint” the entire pumpkin with glue.  While the glue is wet, sprinkle your favorite colored glitter over the pumpkin.  Let it dry for an hour and shake off the excess sprinkles.
  3. Pumpkin People – Kids can create ‘pumpkin people’ by using a variety of household items.  Draw eyes, nose, mouth, cheeks on the dry, clean pumpkin. Or get creative and use fruits or vegetables for ears, eyes or a mouth, glue on raffia for hair, add a hat, a bandana, glasses, ribbons or felt to give each pumpkin its own personality.
  4. Black on White – For a dramatic effect, kids will get a kick out of drawing with black Sharpies on a stark white pumpkin. Try tracing and coloring in simple black silhouettes like bats, cats and spiders!

For more creative art projects or for information on fall and winter art classes, call KidzArt at 800-379-8302 or visit their website to find the nearest KidzArt location in NH.

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