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Flashback to my childhood

Sometimes I believe we forget the simple things in life when it comes to our children.  We often feel that “quality time” is going out somewhere or playing games. But as I found out last weekend while I was repairing our shed, “quality time” is also just being together. Let me explain.

Last weekend our younger son was not feeling well and we decided to stay home instead of going to out for the day. I worked on replacing the rotted doors on our shed. I was outside several hours hanging the doors which I built the day before. It was a chilly but beautiful fall day. After our younger son went to take his nap, Jacob, our eight year old, came outside.  He started by hitting a wiffle ball, until he kept hitting the house. Then he rode his bike around the driveway and finally took out his golf clubs, until he kept missing the ball. I was installing some vents on the side and front of the shed. Jacob came over and started playing with my power drill.  Normally I would have asked him to put it down, but since he was not hurting anything I did not say a word.  As I was cutting the hole, he was asking me what I was doing, why was I cutting a hole in my new door, and what kind of saw I was using. When it came time to put the vent in place he asked if he could screw in the screws. I decided to let him try.

Then it hit me . . . . . .I saw my Dad’s hands guiding the drill into position as little hands pushed the trigger. I then remembered how much I enjoyed helping my Dad when I was growing up. I especially enjoyed working on the snowmobiles. I hope that this will lead to more “quality time” with my sons as it did with my Dad. It is too bad that he did not come over sooner, he could have held the doors in place while I screwed in the hinges . . . . .  well, maybe he is not quite ready for that.

Author: rbisson

I am a licensed land surveyor in New Hampshire and Maine, enjoy the outdoors and being with my wife and two boys.

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