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Get lost in a corn maze this Fall

How many species of dragonflies in NH?

On Columbus Day, we visited the Coppal House Farm & Corn Maze. This is the 3rd year that we have visited this 78-acre, family-owned, working farm in Lee, New Hampshire.

This year, the maze was professionally cut into the shape of two dragonflies. There were 11 mailboxes within the maze and each contained a card which asked a question about dragonflies. If you

Which way do we go now Daddy?

answered correctly, you continued along on the correct path. If you answered incorrectly…well, you guessed it…wrong direction! Occasionally we would end up on a path less traveled, or come upon a sign that said “you’re lost”.

Is that a real scarecrow?

The kids took turns leading after each new question. This was especially fun for our four-year old. He took great pride in leading his family through the tall cornstalks. It took us approximately 30-40 minutes to navigate the maze. We had a great time and the kids even got a tootsie roll from the “scarecrow”.

In addition to the maze, the farm grows and sells heirloom pumpkins, squash, gourds, potatoes, tomatoes, broom corn, equine hay, mulch hay, and other products.  We purchased a large pumpkin to be carved for our front steps and a second smaller pumpkin, which will become the head of our leaf-stuffed scarecrow. Homemade cookies were also for sale and we purchased soda manufactured by NH’s own Squamscott Beverages.

We also met Willow and Teddy, two beautiful draft horses used for plowing and mowing the fields.

Draft horse at Coppal House Farm

On a separate note, beginning October 18th, daytime “Hardly Haunted” Haunts will be offered during regular business hours for children and adults that prefer a light-hearted Halloween experience. We plan on going back since the kids have expressed an interest in checking this out.

For a list and description of corn mazes in Northern New England, visit this linkWant to tell us about a corn maze that you and your family visited? Please click the comment link below to add your post.

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