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Hottest summer on record? Cool off at Water Country with the kids!

My family visits Water Country in Portsmouth, NH every year. My youngest loves the wave pool and lazy river while my oldest loves the big fast water slides.

Water Country is New England’s largest water park, which features signature thrill rides for a full day of fun for the entire family.

You’re not afraid of the dark….are you?

Find out when you plunge into the screaming blackness of Dr. Von Dark’s Tunnel of Terror. Coming in 2012, the Tunnel of Terror is the first water ride of its kind in New England. You’ll sit face-to-face in a 2-person tube then descend into a twisting 40-foot plunge through a totally enclosed, totally dark tunnel. Along the way, a wicked tornado funnel will leave your head spinning and your fears in your throat! A work of evil genius, it’s a 300 foot trip into the dark side of thrills.

Water Country is one of the few amusement parks in the US to allow and encourage its guests to bring picnic lunches into the park. A number of large picnic areas are available for free at various points throughout the park so guests can eat without having to leave. Alcoholic beverages and smoking, however, are strictly prohibited in the park, as are glass containers.

“When the sun is blazing and the summer gets hot, Water Country’s a very cool spot. There’s no better place to feel and be young. Water Country, have some fun! So get in the riding, the sliding and splashing, feel the excitement ride all the action. Having a good time under the sun, Water Country, Water Country, Water Country have some fun!”

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