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Internet a big expense when traveling

wirelessSo far we have found that Internet service is our biggest expense on the road next to the cost of diesel fuel, food and campground reservations. We are currently using a Verizon MIFI hubspot with 8GB of service for secure browsing at $120/month and the campground WIFI, which is mostly reliable, for less secure needs.

Since we will be in place for 45 days, we have decided to invest in MetroCast seasonal service, which is cheaper than our Verizon service. This type of Internet set-up makes sense and is affordable if you will be in one location for several months.

Our research has also shown that the Millenicom Hotspot Plan is preferred by full-time travelers. This gives you 20GB for $90/month. We belong to a Facebook Group called RV Comm where people discuss their technology needs. There are many knowledgeable individuals in the group and we all share our ideas and findings with each other. A large percentage of members highly recommend the Millenicom. We will switch to this as our primary Internet service before we leave at the end of August.

Prior to leaving our traditional home, we were using upwards of 250GB monthly. This included Xbox online, streaming of videos, Roku, etc. We are learning a hard lesson in cutting back and cutting down on our Internet usage. My husband and I are working as we travel so the Internet is essential for us. Our older son will be studying at VLACS and will need the Internet for his classes. I am predicting that a combination of our Verizon hubspot, Millenicom (possibly two) and campground wireless Internet service will be how we roll. We will also utilize free wifi areas at bookstores, libraries, restaurants, coffee shops, etc. If we cannot control our Internet usage, it will become a very large expense for us while traveling.

My goal is for all of us to be less connected to the Internet and more connected to the world, people, nature, experiences and new places.


  1. It won’t work everywhere, but a parabolic wifi antenna can help strengthen the campground signal, or even skip through town and pick up the library, starbucks, etc, depending on your proximity to those locations.

    I’m using one now at a city park and picking up two open networks across a lake.

  2. “My goal is for all of us to be less connected to the Internet and more connected to the world, people, nature, experiences and new places.”

    I am 66 years old and since I connected to the Internet, I have met more people, traveled to more places and enjoyed more experiences than I did in my previous 55 years.

  3. Thanks for this great information. My husband has been researching wifi antennas. I will let him know about this as well.

  4. Yes many people feel this way and for some this is a great way to connect. I prefer the in person connections and want my children to experience the same.

  5. Sad to say, Millenicom just sold out to Verizon. They announced it yesterday, at least to some of their customers.

    I had researched and found the same data you presented above, and therefore selected Millenicom about 2 months ago. Now all that is down the drain.

    Hope we all can find another ISP that will meet our needs at less-than-outrageous prices!


  6. Hi Jay – yes, we learned the news as well. Go figure. Verizon was offering an excellent deal however, 30 GIG for $130, which was a better then Millenicom. This deal came at the same time we got the news from Millenicom.

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