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Local Public Safety Events Celebrated Fire Prevention Week

Every Fall towns all around put on events for Fire Prevention Week. Some are held at the PublicBarrington Public Safety 10-10-09a Safety Buildings or Fire Stations and some are held at other facilities. The weekend of Oct. 3rd, Rochester, New Hampshire held their event in the Home Depot parking lot.  

My older son and I decided to stop by. Inside, they had a table setup where Rochester Police officers were talking about safety and helping with the kids fingerprinting kits.  They also had handouts, stickers, fire fighter helmets, etc. at their table.

After we made our purchases, we stopped by to watch the firefighters use the “Jaws of Life” to dismantle a car. The last exhibit we tried was the smoke house.  The firefighter explained to the children what to do if they hear a fire alarm – like feel the door with the backside of your hand and test for temperature. Then they opened the door for everyone to crawl through.

The Fosters Daily Democrat was interviewing a few children after they went through and they talked with my son.

The newspaper article read:

Jacob Bisson, 9, was a fan of the smoke house but said he was also entertained when firefighters used hydraulic tools to cut the doors and roof off a demolished car.

“It was like they used tweezers to open it up,” he said, adding that he is glad to have firefighters around for emergencies because “people’s houses don’t have special hoses.”

Barrington Public Safety 10-10-09bThis weekend on our way to the town dump, we drove past the Barrington Pulic Safety building, which was holding their event.

Kids enjoyed climbing in and around the fire trucks and ambulance, playing in the bounce house, putting out a fire, watching the firefighters use the “Jaws of Life“, and visit with Smokey the Bear. They also received pencils, stickers, comic books, etc. from inside the station.

These are great events for children to meet their local firefighters and learn about fighting fires. We try to visit every year and reinforce fire safety prevention with our kids.

Author: rbisson

I am a licensed land surveyor in New Hampshire and Maine, enjoy the outdoors and being with my wife and two boys.

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