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Millo’s Pizza in Barrington understands the meaning of customer service

In this current economy, companies that understand the true meaning of customer service are the ones that will remain in business.

We live in Barrington and like to order our pizza from Millo’s Pizza. However, the last two orders I placed with them – a pizza with feta cheese and chicken – were delivered without the chicken. Yuck! Who likes a feta cheese pizza with black olives? Not me.

The first time it happened, I just pissed and moaned. The second time it happened, I called them directly and told them this was the second time the pizza was delivered with no chicken. They sincerely apologized and said the next pizza I ordered was at no charge. I thought that was a nice gesture, but would have preferred my chicken right then and there. However, I was hungry so I just said thank you and hung up.

About two weeks later, we decided to eat at Millo’s instead of ordering in. I mentioned to the person taking my order that I had a credit for a pizza because of a mix up on a past order. They asked for my name and began looking through a pile of credit slips. I was worried that if they did not find my name they would not take my word for it.

The owner overheard our conversation and came right over. He asked his employee to put the slips away and take the order. That was nice to see. How often does someone actually take your word for something? I was impressed.

I ordered the pizza we were supposed to get free and a chicken parmigiana dinner, and then had to run back to the table where my family was sitting to see what they wanted for drinks. Once I had picked our sodas from the cooler, I went back up to the counter and was ready to pay for the balance of my order. The woman behind the counter said I was all set. I said “yes, I have my sodas now” and continued to reach for my wallet. She repeated, “you are all set, the meal is on us”. Wow, I was pleasantly surprised. Not only did they take my word about having a credit on file, but they realized I had been inconvenienced on a past order and more than made up for it.

Thanks Millo’s Pizza! You have demonstrated that you truly value your patrons and you go out of your way to make them happy. We continue to be loyal customers!

Millo’s Pizza is located at 353 Route 125 in Barrington, NH. You can reach them at 603-664-8871. Stop by with the kids and enjoy a yummy pizza in their cozy dinig room. Tell them The Mom Entrepreneur sent you.

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