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Our first boating adventure

1998 Glastron SE195We recently purchased a new motor boat. We graduated from a 14′ aluminum boat to a 1998 20′ Glastron bow rider. Today, we took the boat out to Pleasant Lake in Deerfield/Northwood, New Hampshire for our first official trip. It is a 495 acre lake that is relatively populated by houses on all sides. We have two friends with houses on this lake so we thought it would be a good place to start. The boat launch is very easy to access and there is a big parking lot with ample room. It was a good place for us to test our boating abilities with a larger craft.

Our kids are eight and three and love the water. My family never had a boat growing up, but I always enjoyed the rare times we would go out on our friend’s boats. I wanted to expose my kids to an activity I loved and hoped they would enjoy just as much.

We stopped in the middle of the lake with the intention of swimming for a bit. My husband jumped in, but my eight year old decided not to after seeing pictures of large images on the fish finder. Instead we cruised around a bit. The kids enjoyed blowing bubbles and playing with toys on the floor of the boat. I will have to get creative with activities in order to keep them occupied on long trips.

The day was sunny with blue skies when we started. After approximately 45 minutes on the lake, the skies started to darken and threaten rain. We decided to not take any chances and head for shore. As we pulled into the boat launch it began to pour. The kids huddled under part of the boat, which seemed to offer a bit of shelter from the rain. They were a bit nervous due to how fast the rain came in and I had to relax them and remind them we were on a boat so we may get wet at anytime. However, when the thunder started they were anxious to exit the boat.

Once we had successfully trailered the boat, another boater pulling into the launch mentioned that they had just received a call from a friend telling them that extreme thunder and lighting storms were expected in that area, and a tornado warning had also been issued. The kids preferred watching the lighting storm from the safety of our SUV.

We stopped at WalMart after our short boat trip to pick up a few necessities…waterproof toys and fishing poles with rubber fish for casting. Our next boating trip will hopefully be longer, and I know I will have to keep my kids occupied with other activities.

Pleasant Lake is a pretty lake, but very populated and busy with boats and other watercraft. We intend to visit several more lakes this summer in hopes of exposing the kids to birds and animals they might not see on shore. I will post information on our adventures and let you know what spots are ideal for boating with kids.


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