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Our new summer home

camper at Barrington ShoresAfter spending a week at Danforth Bay Campground in Freedom, NH with friends and family, we set-up at Barrington Shores Campground in Barrington, NH. We will stay here until Labor Day and then head west across the U.S. making our way to California for the winter.

Our arrival was not as expected at Barrington Shores. We were displaced for about 1.5 hours while my husband worked with personnel to prepare the site. The site was not yet ready for us even though multiple calls to employees at the front office ahead of time assured us it would be.

We made the best of the situation, walking the dog around the campground, visiting the playground, checking out the lake beach and meeting new neighbors. We were anxious to get set-up and settle in for the next 45+ days.

This short stay will allow us to filter through items in the camper that we do not need in order to assure we stay underweight. When moving from a traditional home, you have a tendency to take more than you need. We will also work on establishing new routines and systems for our new home before we leave the state.

Still so much to do and prepare for. I look forward to the new changes and challenges as we prepare for our journey to see this great country.

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