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Our visit to Swains Lake, Barrington, New Hampshire

Continuing on our boating adventures, we tried our local lake. We have been on Swains Lake many times before with our old boat, a 13 foot aluminum boat with a 6.5 hp motor, but this would be our first adventure with our new motorboat on this lake. The boat landing is very easy to navigate and parking has not been much of a problem.

Common Loon

Swains Lake is a small lake, about 350 acres, and is created by a dam that was originally built in the 1860’s, which can be seen from Hall Road. There are a variety of camps, houses, a campground and lots of woods surrounding the lake. The lake is divided into two sections, connected by a channel between some islands. On sunny days you can find people fishing, water skiing, canoeing, sightseeing and swimming while enjoying this beautiful lake. The local fauna includes Loons, turtles and an occasional fish jumping out of the water. From where we live near the lake, we can hear the call of the loons usually at night.

This was our first time taking friends on the boat and it started out with a bang…..literally! With the beauty of this lake comes the unknown.  There are lots of rocks that are not marked.  We were about 500 feet from the landing and in the middle of the channel when we hit a rock. The propeller hit the rock on two of its fins. Luckily the damage was not trip-ending. 

We continued around the lake stopping at different spots for the older kids to swim and our younger boy to fish (with his toy pole). We made it back to the boat landing without any additional problems. I am hoping that we can build up our courage to take the boat back out onto the lake, because propellers can be expensive to replace…as we discovered!

Enjoying swimming in Swain's Lake with friends.

Swimming at Swain's Lake with friends.

Author: rbisson

I am a licensed land surveyor in New Hampshire and Maine, enjoy the outdoors and being with my wife and two boys.

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