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Princess Katie & Racer Steve come to the Lebanon Opera House, March 20th

Straight from “The Kingdom” — where a feisty princess who’s inclined to rock out joins a local racecar driver who creates blazing guitar solos when he’s not blazing around the track — Princess Katie & Racer Steve bring their one-of-a-kind combination of drop-dead great singing, sterling musicianship, and sparkling, kid-oriented comedy to their New Hampshire debut with a rock extravaganza for kids and their parental units at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, March 20 at The Lebanon Opera House, 51 North Park Street, Lebanon, NH.

Kids are encouraged to join Princess Katie, Racer Steve, Space the Bass, and Crash the Drummer in rocking out to “music with a message that hasn’t lost its cool.” The high-energy show will feature tunes from Princess Katie & Racer Steve’s critically acclaimed albums, Songs for the Coolest Kids and Fast & Feisty, along with “sneak previews” of songs from the soon-to-be-released Tiny Cool, offering contemporary takes on popular music sounds ranging from jazz and swing to neo-Latin and electric rock ‘n’ roll to bossa nova, Motown, and 12-bar blues.

Princess Katie & Racer Steve use cool music, hip lyrics and zany skits to bring home messages about cultural acceptance, winning, losing, sharing, bullying, making friends, kindness, fairness, sibling appreciation, world peace, and just plain having fun being a kid.  The show is more than just a concert.  Rather, it’s a fully conceptualized, fully staged entertainment experience for young and old alike.

Princess Katie is a strong, self-possessed, modern princess, who wears her gown and tiara as a work outfit, but kicks back in her jeans when work is done.  Katie O’Sullivan’s former life as an improv and sketch comic stands her in good stead for this role. Steve Borne’s real life hobby is racecars, and he’s performed in bands for many years, so the guitar-playing “Racer Steve” is a natural for him.

WHAT: Princess Katie & Racer Steve in Concert
WHERE: Lebanon Opera House, 51 North Park Street, Lebanon, NH.
WHEN: Saturday, March 20.  11:00 A.M.
TICKETS: $16. Discounts available for seniors and kids.
INFO: (603) 448-0400.

For more information, visit

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