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Snow shoeing is great exercise and a fun family activity

snow-shoeingMy family recently discovered snow shoeing as a great family fitness activity. I was not sure if my kids would enjoy or have the patience for it.

My husband took the boys out into the backyard over this past holiday weekend. They made paths in our big backyard and through the woods. Every afternoon, my kids were anxious to get back outside and continue blazing trails. They were outside for over an hour.

On Monday, I decided to join them. We walked out into the woods and were headed out to the lake. This was a lot of walking for my four year old. He decided it was too much and we headed back towards the house. We decided the next time we go out, we will bring the Kelty back pack. This way when he gets tired, my husband can carry him on his back.

It is great to finally find a winter activity that we all enjoy. The woods were snow-shoeing2beautiful. Next time, we will attempt to make it all the way to the lake. We will bring hot chocolate in a thermos and some snacks. The kids will love this. I mentioned we could also bring our ice skates and go on the ice if it was relatively smooth.

If you want to start snow shoeing with your kids, I suggest looking on Craig’s List¬† to find used kid’s and adult snow shoes. I paid a total of $14 for the kid’s gear. A great investment!

Do you have a favorite wintertime activity you participate in with your family? Please share your adventures in the comments section.

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