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The Seacoast Science Center…a great sunny or rainy day activity

Lucas touching lobster

Lucas touching lobster

We are frequent visitors of the Seacoast Science Center located at Odiorne State Park in Rye, New Hampshire. In fact, we visited the center again last week when our relatives were down from Vermont. They always have great programs that are educational and interactive. The day we visited it was overcast so we rode bikes, hiked their many trails and played on the playground for awhile and then headed into the center when it began to rain.

The kids participated in a scavenger hunt, which helped expose them to many things at the center that they might have overlooked if it wasn’t for this game that earned them two stickers upon successful completion. We also attended a program on lobsters where we learned more about these interesting creatures and the kids got to touch a live one. I love to see my kids’ expressions when they do something new and unique.

I love the touch tank where kids of all ages can hold a Starfish, Mussel, Sand Dollar, Snail or other fascinating creature. Their exhibit room also showcases many different sea creatures, including a Turtle, large varieties of fish, a Blue Lobster, Sea Anemones and many more.

Before we left, we attended the center’s multi-media, interactive theater program, GeoAdventures, Assignment: Gulf of Maine. Held in the Gregg Interactive Learning Studio, this GeoAdventure will teach you how everything in the environment is interconnected; that our lives influence the oceans and the oceans influence our lives.

Last winter, during school break, my eight year old attended their environmental day camp. He had a great time and participated in activities he would not have normally if he had attended daycare during school recess. I hope to send him again this winter.

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