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Wagon Hill Farm, Durham, NH

kids-on-wagonIf you drive along Route 4 between Durham and Dover Point, you will see a picturesque old wagon sitting on top of a hill at an old farm.

If you drive this route in the winter, you can see hundreds of people sliding down the hill. Wagon Hill Farm is a 140 acre farm, which was purchased by the town of Durham to preserve this beautiful resource.  This easy hike takes you through many habitats, including a grassy field, wooded jacob-and-dakotaforest and salt water shoreline. 

You start your hike near the old farm house and walk through the field. Then you make your way along  into the mature woods, which brings you to a grassy opening with picnic tables near Great Bay. Our kids found a Horseshoe crab along the shore.

The farm also has antique equipment, an old foundation and a cemetery along the walk.

horseshoe-crabThe walk is about 1.2 miles in length, but there are many interconnecting trails, which can make for longer, shorter or varying hikes. There is a trail on the opposite side of Route 4, but we have not been on that trail. We enjoyed our hike with our new puppy. Dogs are allowed if leashed.

The town of Durham has many recreational facilities, which can be viewed on their website. The site includes descriptions and trail maps.

Author: rbisson

I am a licensed land surveyor in New Hampshire and Maine, enjoy the outdoors and being with my wife and two boys.

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