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Website teaches kids about the election process

Today, my 8-year old son informed me that his entire school will be voting for President in a mini election during his computer class on November 3rd. While waiting in line to go to class, he said that he and two of his friends discussed their concerns about McCain’s age. They agreed that he was “old” and they thought he would die. They wondered who would then run the country? I explained to him the reasons for having a Vice President.

Interesting conversation for an 8-year old to have with his buddies. I do respect the fact that his school is taking the initiative to get the kids involved with the election process. I feel it is important for our children to understand what having the right to vote means and that they should never take that for granted.

Our two sons accompany us when we vote so that we can teach them about the process and why it is important for them to vote when they are of age.

I recently learned about KidZui – The Internet for Kids. According to the kids on KidZui, Obama is favored by a 10% margin, aligning exactly with The Gallup poll, which has Obama at 52% and McCain at 42%. However, the kids favored Governor Palin by almost five percentage points.

KidZui implemented its new “befriend a candidate” feature last week. In addition to befriending their favorite presidential candidates, KidZui lets kids view each candidate’s profile page, which includes their favorite sites, videos and pictures.

The new befriend a candidate feature is made possible by KidZui’s new safe social networking features that take all the best aspects of Facebook and MySpace and makes them kid-friendly. Like all KidZui content, the websites, videos and pictures on candidate profile pages have been reviewed and approved by its editorial team of trained educators and parents, following strict editorial guidelines. Built just for kids ages 3-12, the program’s browser and online service makes surfing the Internet safe, fun, engaging, and now social.

What have you done to engage your children in the election process? At what age should kids start learning about the right to vote? Is McCain too old? What are your thoughts?

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