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nh-mountain1Recently, I discovered WikiHike.Org, which was launched on March 1, 2008 by two individuals desperate for a website with usable and accurate information about hikes around the world.

The two assembled a modest database of their past hiking adventures in an attempt to draw outside interest. After a month of allowing friends and family to add and edit articles WikiHike was released to the world.

The site includes a map where you can search for hikes that others have completed and learn the specifics about that hike. For instance, Mount Major located in Alton Bay, New Hampshireis on the map. Click on its location and up pops information about the mountain, trail-head, synopsis of hike and additional details.

In addition, since the site is a wiki, this allows others to add their hikes and information to the site so that others can benefit.

The goal of the site is to create and maintain the Internet’s greatest database for hiking knowledge and information. They are off to a good start. Make sure to check out WikiHike.Org before or after your next hike!

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