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Our Wildlife Encounters Zoo guide, Derek, showing us a Tomato Frog

Our Wildlife Encounters Zoo guide, Derek, showing us a Tomato Frog

This summer I have had the opportunity to see Northern New England’s Traveling Zoo twice. The first time was with my youngest son Lucas at our town gym. It was offered as part of the library’s summer reading program, and again this weekend at a birthday party with my oldest son Jacob.

Derek was our guide to the many wild creatures we learned about and got to touch. I appreciated not only his complete knowledge of every animal he showed us, but also his understanding of the environment and how humans are dramatically impacting the survival of many species.

The creatures were amazing! We saw many different animals, including frogs, snakes, mammals, insects and birds. My favorite was the Joey (baby Kangaroo) and Chinchilla. I was a wildlife management major in college and even though I did not choose this as my profession, I am still fascinated by these creatures and love to learn about the many exotic species that we do not usually hear about. Especially those that have disease fighting properties like the White’s Tree Frog. Secretions from White’s Tree Frogs have been studied as potential treatment options for high blood pressure, herpes simplex cold sore infections and staphylococcus.

In addition, several peptides from the skin secretions of White’s Tree Frog have been found to destroy HIV without harming healthy T-cells. So you can see why it is so important that we learn about how vital it is to preserve the habitat of these amazing animals. I appreciate what Wildlife Encounters Zoo is trying to accomplish with their outreach program. Keep up the good work!

And by the way, did I mention that they they offer great educational programs for birthday parties and other events🙂

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