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Winter activities for the kids

I recently received the January newsletter from the MOMS Club of Barrington, NH.

Heather Alexander is the President, and she had some great, cost-effective and creative ideas for entertaining the kids during the long winter months.

Here are the suggestions she offered:

1. SNOW: If you need a contained area outside for your little ones to play in the snow, then consider using your deck. You can also bring the snow inside by shoveling it into a sensory table in your kitchen or putting it in large mixing bowls on the kitchen floor. Give them playdough toys, action figures, plastic animals or whatever might jump start their imaginations. Just remember to throw lots of towels down to avoid slipping. In the end, you will have a very clean kitchen floor.

2. THE BATHTUB: Fill the tub part way with soapy water and give the kids sponges and pans, and let them pretend to clean.

3. IN THE YARD: Bundle the kids up from head to toe in snow suits and load them on to the sled. Be sure to have a rope attached so that you can pull them on a wintry wonderland tour. Make a pit stop to build a snowman or make snow angels. This is fun right after a heavy snow fall. Then go inside for a warm cup of cocoa.

4. THE KITCHEN TABLE: Squirt shaving cream on the table and let the kids finger paint with it. If you are worried about them eating it, then use whipped cream or vanilla pudding instead.

5. LOCAL RESOURCES: Visit the town library playroom, check out the Rumpus Room at the town gym and plan mini play dates with other moms during the week. Nobody has to wait until Friday to have a play date.

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